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My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl… Was it s’thing u did.. was it s’thing I said.. You were everything everything that i wanted… :((.. It hurts.. It really hurts.. It aches bad but still I guess it is best that things stay the way they are right now. Ok so how did today go ?? How have ur days been.. dunno.. probably sucks sucks big time. hmmm.. whatz going thru ur head rt now. Why the hell are u so pissed off abt people that u love the most. emo teliduuu.. telidu.. assalu telidu
sare sare… it’ll not help if u write all this in ur blog. I mean this will not make u feel better or has it started to make me feel better ? Probably time for me to realise that it is a choice that we took and it is only the choices that we make that determine how our lives shape up. And reg. the fyp.. wish we cud have.. kaani if she wants to… tana istam … be strong and be urself.. be adamant and stick to ur decisions.. u are right and will always be. And hey enuf of u fooling arnd with ur life.. take care of urself and the dreams that u have.

love u always…


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