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A Really really happy day !!!

uuuuffff… finally a happy day.. probably today will go in as one of the days when i had fun .. i mean real fun without any plastic smiles or anything after such a long long time and it makes me feel really really happy abt it 🙂

so first things first… i will not stop writing my blogs whatever happens.. whatever even if something like the last time happens.. i amn’t going to miss this for anything in my life.. this is so much fun.. and i need to write all this in some place and writing them in a diary is a bit cumbersome and tiring also.. and so i guess this shud be fine and this wud stay forever… hope so plzzz plzzz god let it be like this..

so how was today.. started with wishing sai happy holi.. had a nice talk with her on yahoo.. what a girl !! i mean naaku baaga nacchindiii koncham naa laage kadaa anduke nemo.. shez so bubbly and full of josh ;). and then ranj tho chat.. tarvata me and raki had a nice talk and raki room ki vacchaduu and it was gr8…. just got reminded of F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode of chandler and the bed thing 😀 sare sare.. and then slept with a thought abt how things were an year backk
and then woke up at arnd 5 and then started offf.. slept for a long time and then we played.. we played dumbcharads.. blufff… ufff i am so bad at that i cun’t play that properly at all. haha.. and then it was gr8 singing and everything. But I hate it when it is so hot outside.. wish it cud have been a bit more cooler.. chala chala tired and dehydrated ippudu.. 🙂 kaani ok ley.. and wish god naa usualll everyone i love and everyone that has ever loved me esp my best friends anukunnadiii antaa shud be fulfilled ani ante… and inkaa we went in a ropeway and then in a boat … cooll and then the way bak was fun and frolic again. venki nenu talked for sometime and then the real fun started… everyone had to confess and it was soo soo nice learning so many things abt my seniors… oh forgot to tell kadaa.. I went to srisailam with my seniors and i am just describing all that happend 😀 haha.. and then heard what everyone had to say… waiting for me to be made the center and then that moment…
bole started with his usuall… okka ammayini jealous cheyyadaaniki nuvvu inko ammyi tho tirugutunnavaa and so on.. it was chala chala embrassing.. kaani mari not as embrassing as when i had to sing in front of the A section gals in my 10th :p .. and then we ate biryani.. it was real gud.. damn tasty… abbbaa had lotsa other junk also ley 😉

inkaa.. it was gr8 fun… the fun that i needed… the kick in my ass to remind me that i had lotsa work still to do… lots to still learn and enjoy and so i have decided that i amn’t going to worrry abt anything and just trust my instincts abt the decisions that i make..

chal enuf of blogging for todaayy… i am damn tired and will probably post some pics tomm. sare marii.. gud nitte and sweet dreams

P.S : This is imp. emanukuntundiiiii tanu… 🙂 aaaaa… style aaa ledaa kovaaa ledaa wht else.. chuddaammm… aarrgggghhhhh


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