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Life So Calm !!!

uffff surprisinglyyy after so many days probably a bit calm and maybe relaxed me.. sleeping like a baby :D… that was in the srisailam trip

Life Soooo Calm!!

So how was today ante… hmmm… morning dad called and abbbaa dad enti alaaa.. always listening to others and telling me kaani me must not lose my patience.. ok naa take care and then me went to jniudb and had chicken 😀

screwed up the CV exam.. koncham feeling bad for that kaani it is ok and raks thinks i dun’t know abt it and is in a dilemma to either tell me or not.. kaani i guess let the things stay as they are right now.. good for everyone… inkaa i guess i’ll watch a movie for some more time and then sleep :p… kiran is gonna come tomm. kadaaa.. so emi chuddam 🙂

sare inkaaa nothing else kadaa… hmmm.. nothing as of noww kaani got to start working ante.. sare summuu tatsssssssssssssss


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