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Lots .. Lost.. Tols..

Whatever :D.. hmm.. what did i do today. woke up, brushed my teeth.. blah blah.. met mia.. 😛 yeah yeah lots n lots of nfs and lost

hehe. so i went out.. cook’s touch or i dont know.. hey know sthing masala is like my fave place in hyd.. had some of the best of moments of my life there. avi enti annaa.. some other day ley kaani.. I liked it so much that there was once a time when i wanted to pool up cash so that I cud buy that place some day. I’ll do it.. sure.

haan .. so had my lunch at cook’s touch and then nite food at ginger court and temptations.. yummy yummy food.. so bak to iiit with a full stomach… happy? ok ok.. and then played nfs.. so it was kinda kewwll.. yeah i did talk on the phone for a long time.. wished ppl happy new year and also did the usual thing that i have been doing over the last one month.. dont know when i’ll get over it.. anyways..

so thanks for today goes to.. spoo.. kap.. kedar.. sundar and raki for me having such a wonderful time with them. and ofcourse others I missed u 😀 .. but it was fun.. hope u all join us the next time.. esp bachan.. and hey know sthing bachan is going to come tomm and seems he has a tonsure.. thats gonna so kewwlll.. bachan mark my words.. u are going to be so dead.

inkaa.. yeah yeah.. i know.. i know.. just saw it.. what am i talking abt? ammaa cheppestaaru enti? secret secret.. come on.. i dont keep secrets frm u.. 😛 .. really dont i.. i dont know.. ok before I dvelve into the realm of philo and love.. let me just click the sumbit button and ofcourse blogspot requires u to enter the same word as it is or whatever.. so much for the security aspect of it ..

ok ok.. adios for now.. quote for the day.. hmmm.. live life to the fullest.. it is ending one minute at a time.. so make every moment count and always make sure that whatever u do, u dont have to regret it later.. those are some baari words for today.. i know that it would take some time to digest.. till then gud nite.. sweet dreams.

and hey tomm. I am going to upload a kewwll pic.. 😀 I know someone would kill me for that.. lets see.


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