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Hmm.. Still confused?

yeah … am i looking into things a bit more than i should? or is it just the same? i am a bit confused now.. light? light? light? :-??

ok.. so had a really good day ra.. missed u a lot.. but had tons n tons of fun. went out to chutneys.. veg tinna telusaa.. somani treat icchaduu got calls frm 4 iam’s anduku.. laughed a lot chala rojula tarvataaa. and hey maybe naa placement treat akkade icche vanni emoo.. emoo.. naaku akkada tinagaane ade anipinchindii. ok ok.. so treat?

i am waiting.. dont rmr the yahoo emoticon for that :D.. have tons and tons of work to do and tons more to write abt. hey guess what I am going to grow nails frm today.. navya tho philo talk ley and daani result 😛 (kidding.. ) edo okati chudaam.. i think i’ll give it a serious shot.. just to show that i am really serious abt it. edayte enti.. u dont have to see me biting my nails frm tomm. hmm.. plaster on nails or nail polish.. nail polish.. nail polish.. 😀 evarini adagaali.. hmm konte pole 😛

right now emi doing ante.. watching thats 70s show and eating the yummy yummy cakes nav valla mom chesinavvii.. dont want to even share them with anyone.. chala selfish kada nenu.. telusu leyy po ra. inkaa.. enni rojulu ila blog rastaano and hey pls pls pls pls .. so ayyina tarvata ikkada fill chesta. heheehe.. ok gudnite.. sweet dreams.

evari picchi vallaki aanandam vinnara? 😛


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