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No Title?

Yeah.. its 3:49 in the morning and i guess when insomnia hits u, it hits u real bad.. no sleep.. and hmmm.. hmm.. lots n lots of thinking and work to do.

ok.. heres the thing.. first let me start with everything.. everything? do u think i write everything over here? do i? no i dont.. but still i guess it has the eccense of all that i want to write.. act. whatever. ok.. so went out again.. thanks ra saak it was a really kewwll movie esp the comedy, brought a smile to my lips.. the ending part was a bit stale though. I dont know… hey the movie is Vennela.. we all went out and then ate food at some nice place. I had lazanias and then we dint have cash to pay and so had to call venki to pay the bill.. then.. then.. i dont want to write abt it.. i seriously dont 😀 hey i got kritikal’s call letter . nice know.. and what else did I do today. I thought that i wud write lots here.. but I guess I’ll end it now..

yeah and thanks spoo .. for aa? i had a nice talk with her and it really felt good after the talk. hmm.. and then me, raks and sundar did some BC.. u must have joined us.. it was really kewwlll.. we talked abt everything in this world.. hehe. thats it for now. i am just having a slight ache in my head and am really really hungry.. but i think i’ll hit the sack.. really really looking forward for tomm.


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