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Hmm.. Honey I ……….

yeah i am smiling and am just reminded of honey i shrunk the kids.. so nice time bak home. almost a week.. lots of movies.. and full relaxed and bak to what i can call what i was. now just have to see how long i can stay this way.. lazy and happy :D. ok.. so where were we the lazt time.. lots of things !! hmm. now? nopes dont think so. so anything u want to write now? dont know. pc? bachan’s … mine is like in my room.. kut ass has my hd and so cant do anything.. hmm act. am feeling good without the pc.. dont know why but am like at home.. having lots of time and so can focus on the important things. ok agreed. inkaa.. hmm.. went and had lots of food.. lots of fun and lots of whatever.. my room is all dirty and hey seems i have to sign and send kritikal the confirmation.. got the call just today.. emo koncham bayamgaa undii apping emi avtundii ani.. one part of me is like maybe u shud have applied for a top univ ani.. emo who knows.. chuddaamm. parledu leyy ayyipoyindii kada.. now as tomasi said.. all that i can do is keep my fingers crossed. doing that leyyy.

inkaa.. hmm.. emo mom tho nice talks and act. felt really good at home.. really got pampered a lot.. a lot.. pichipichigaa.. and i want to watch chukkalo chandrudu and lakshmi.. andariki exams.. have to wait.. and hey forgot to tell … i bunked an exam today, either i did a really stupid thing or a really clever thing.. risk minimisation kiss my ass.. i am going to take risks.. lites. hmmm.. sounds like u have a plan.. whatever. i orkutted a lot.. and now i am feeling sleepy.. and hey whats with the revenge this that? let go? whatever.. i dont really care abt it now.. i am like totally lite abt all.. entoo. and hmmm.. i have do sthing worthwhile tomm.. hey eeroju exam unnindii and so dint have time to do anything ra.. sarle repu room saddii lp cheduvutaa kaani.. inkaa.. love u lots.. bfn.

aypoyindaa.. ammayyaa !!

almost forgot.. what am i supposed to rmr. hmmm.. first impressions always are correct.. almost? hmm.. guess so. so shud i trust my instincts.. now i am really really feeling sleepy. gud nite.. sweet dreams.


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