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chukkalo chandrudu – review

and now for the ulti review of the chukkallo chandrudu.

If u are in for a movie with tons and tons of surprises, twists with everything far far from reality… yeah thats the movie for you. I would personally give a rating of 1.5/5.0, dont know, but felt as though I was watching the crappiest movie of my life. Though I wud watch lakshmi tomm. now have second thoughts abt that after the ulti effect that stars and moons has had on me. one moon that i saw wud be nageshwar rao’s head.. hehe.. i am bored. and yeah kut seemed to concur with me.. the movie was a total waste of time. Thats all for the review.. dont ever want to watch anything as moronic as that.. have I grown up? hehe.. the movies suck big time thats all.. 4th movie that i have walked out in the middle.. 3 in a row.. woww.

However the silver lining for the whole day has been the wonderful food that I had at wang’s kitchen especially mushrooms.. shud thank tejo for introducing me to such a wonderful place.. just thought i might as well write the list of my fave places in hyd.. that would start with

IIIT-Fave Places

1) Ambulance : Thats where the iiit’s ambulance is kept.. Lots of great talks and lots of fun over there. Antakshari.. Pizzas.. what not :D.. hmm.. naa fave place. Always brings a smile on my face just thinking abt that place. Hehe.. I know..

2) 119, NBH : Actually.. this is something I miss more than anything else. sometimes makes me feel that I shud have stayed bak there.. emo.. but I guess that is one place that changed my whole life.. the way I thought abt everything in life.. everything.. good for me? dunno,.. time only will tell.

3) Masala/ Temptations : that wud be the third one.. always believed that if i had to go to masala that would be on a special day coz every moment over there has been really really special.. I have probably had the best times of my life there. what else can beat friends, chicken and wonderful icecreams.. I will buy that place when i have enough cash :D.. but it isnt there any more.. so i guess cant do anything..

4)Bru/Subway : Once again thanks to tejo for introducing me to that place.. nothing can beat the subs at subway.. i just love that place.. and the french fries at the bru are the best. I still rmr the good times i had over there.. (Arrgghh.. this shud have been my most fave place.. maybe.. hadnt it been for one ) emo..

5)Next would be the place opposite library, the room where we studied in main building, wang’s kitchen (maybe.. ), hmm.. i always want to go to whats that place.. arrrggh.. my memory is so gone nowadays.. ekkada.. ade the place near tank bund.. not the buddha statue dumbo.. restaurant.. hmm.. edo leyy.. adi.

Well thats enough of blogging for today.. love u.


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