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3 3 3 3 .. lakshmi

this i wud rmr being today.. so today was also a kewwl rojuu.. naaku baaga nacchindii lakshmi. esp venkatesh in that was like cooll and emo i liked the songs and the dialogues of the movie.. esp the intro was good, though it looked more like a powerpoint presentation.. act. wanted to go for the matinee kaaani spoo ki class so decided on evening show and then naaku balupu telisinde kada age adtuuu unnaa.. me and bala rocked πŸ˜€ and so ala bevarsegaa we left at arnd 5:30-5:45 and appatiki the tickets were all sold out and so all that we cud do was wait..

hehe and so temptations and then chilli peppers food and then lakshmi.. was totally worth it. spoo kap sundar and bachan tho vella.. hey thanks ra spoo for staying bak πŸ™‚ tanaki some project ala edo undii andi.. kaani naa kosam undi so kewwll.. and movie sangatiki vaste nice one. abbaa i just loved the lakshmi bava song. it was like perfect.. memu were like laughing like crazy.

so kewwll movie and repu malli going out.. raki valla akka has come .. so tanaki repu velli fullgaa matlaadali.. everytime i talk to her i do something nice in my life.. naa gre prep ki mottam, kaadu ley almost 75% tanu and me had a talk ade responsible.. i wudnt have decided to go to banglore tanato matlaadaka poyi unte.. i wudnt have studied atleast as much as i did if it wasnt for those 3 ppl.. and hmm inkaa.. nothing else for now.

I want to ramble something abt saak’s status message.. next blog adi and then pack up.


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