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Katrina.. Katria..

Hehe.. i must kill srujan or was that bachan for making me forget the name of the place where I had the best food of my life :).. yeah it was atleast the most food I ever had in one sitting :D.. actually u cant call that one sitting.. went for a walk and then continued.. I guess I can keep on ranting abt it.

Ok.. here is the deal.. my treat at fortune katria.. we all guys went and it was like kewwll.. I shud have written abt it then itself, now i am just bak frm a movie and planning to finish off that day’s blog.. hehe.. bad me.

so what do i rmr frm that day ante.. hmm.. hey all that i can rmr is food.. lots n lots of food. omg.. thats lots of food that we had that day.. 2.5 hrs of food food food. hmm thanks everyone for coming.. it was great. I dont know why but I dont specifically rmr anything.. hehe yeah they are coming bak.. bachan and his orange.. sunder googles.. hehe.. and yeah it was nice going to a 4 star hotel and making him do things our way 😀

that was one eventful day.. any regrets.. naah. I came across this quote sometime bak.. seemed to be nice and really really cool.. Its better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you arent. nice one naah. ok.. enuf of that day, will upload a pic. and thats it 🙂


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