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Saak’s status

Just want to show ppl how bevarse and without work I am

The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions : could have, might have and should have.

I would say at first thought, though one would seeem to concur with this, on careful retrospection, I dont think I do completely agree with this. The first thing being the sad part of it.. abbaa enti ila gre essay laaga rasttunnaa.. hehe ade kada. yeah could, should and might all do summarise most part of life.. kaani ento i dont find this to be complete.. there seems to be something else missing in this quote.. for anything.. all that we think is like I “should have” gone with them.. I “would have” done that.. I “might have” done this if I were u ani.. mari waht abt I “have” done it annadi..

how abt yee quote.. the saddest summary of life contains four descriptions ; could have, might have, should have and have.

hehe.. now looks a bit more perfect.. hmm. explain cheyyalaa? yeah for everything that hasnt happened .. we are like why didnt this happen? why dint i do it? why dint he do what I expected him to? ani.. so on.. and because of that the things could have.. might have.. should have vastaayy and ofcourse mana vishayalla kuda vastaai..

kaani what if u know that what u have done and what u are doing is right but still it makes u sad.. hmmm. appudu? so shudnt have also be added to the list of descriptions that can summarise life.. or the sad part of it. hmmm telidu.

edo rasa leyy.. dont read between words ra.. and ededo infer cheyyaku.. nothing personal :D. hmm.. or is it all personal.. ok naaku nidra vastuu undii fullga as is evident frm the blog.. chalo then.. gnsd.. nenu taachi.. thanks a lot ra. i will rmr today 🙂


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