dont know what to write…

just saw booty’s blog and it was kinda really kewwll.. just made me think daa.. sumanth what the hell are u doing for a sec.. and then i was like back to the usual bevarse. naah.. am just going to stay exactly like this.

so just bak frm home.. had a really great time.. lots n lots of good food and watched movies.. ate.. nanni ni edpinchanuu.. enta ante she started to cry also.. so where was I .. yeah i got lost in the train of thoughts.. hmm.

ok.. so what do i do next? project .. yeah thats one thing and what else wait for i20s and i dont know what else.. hey watch happy its nice.. ending anta not so nice the rest is kewwll. hmm.. spiderman 2 is really really nice. Just love it.

inka.. yeah for some serious stuff.. next blog? yeah and shud upload pics.. will do sthing abt it wait..


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