After a pack of Marlboro..

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@4:32 Writing this blog.
@4:25 Searching for a PC. Finally bak to sunder’s room.
@4:15 The most anticipated moment. MY LAST PUFF of the marlboro pack..
@4:13 Rummaging thru the pack for a cigarette, with no idea if there were any left.. happy that there was one and listening to cheliya cheliya.. and hmm thinkin thinkin thinkin..
@2:00 Started my walk / smoke session.

Before that. too damn fucked up to even write abt that !!

So life rocks? life sucks? I dont care. Interesting things and reasons as to why I wanted to write this blog.. hmm. I needed sthing to remind me of this day and what can better than this blog. Just makes me wonder what i was doing the same time last yr.. yeah I rmr.. wonderful !! year before that.. wowww !! and the year before that.. wish I hadnt felt bad when they went out.. really, I wish I never even tried. sure? dont know.

So, whats for today? why a pack? quit smoking? probably.. will see. Am too not-in-my-senses to think abt hmm. what? dont know.. why am I typing all this. Ok.. yeah I wanted secret words. secret? arcane? my gre verbal is still good. the only good thing I did the whole of 2005. really? naah. I had loads of fun and why am I writin abt it now? my neck, leg both are dead. actually I feel like a zombie right now.. awake at 4:30 in the morning. will no will to do anything. just waiting for something nice to happen.

So, what should be the words.. hmm. Go Zodiac? hmm.. yeah Gemini is kewll awesome. Next? Google. okie.. and Arnie, thats completely out of the grey cells in my brain. Next, Superman. wow hope I rmr the index table. Brag !! I dont know but i think thats it. Lemon? yeah thats something I forgot for a long time. Next, Yahoo and then Davidoff and then yeah that should do for today. Now I realise why Davidoff always was laughing was I was like smoking is bad, this that. same with navy cut also. I’ll never get Arnie ever, hope we make up to be great buds. buds as in buds. I love my mom n dad :D. Lemon, Look I hate it when people do that. So dont ever even think abt doing that. and Food deserves attention, for all that it has done, I’ll never let go.. so mistakes will be pardoned. But dont ever take me for granted. period.

So, what will Calvin do, just shut up or do good things? be the mischevous kid always who like having fun and just doesnt think abt anything else other than friends? or is there going to be a change? or is the change already there? bull shit that people tell us. Dont take a damn abt those losers. hey why are u so against others. Hate, contempt.. Love with Contempt, something raki was telling me stime bak.

Ok.. me hitting the sack really hard.

Status : Neck, Left Leg, Head dead. Rest to follow soon.


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