Loser CLUB..

saw this loser quiz someplace.. me and bachan were bored and so we decided we wud go for it and this is what I got 😀 .. 7% are cooler and the rest are losers than me anta.. hehe hehe hehe.
I am 7% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

and bachan ki emo.. 66% are cooler, and 34% are more of a loser than you… inkaa. nothing else for now, just woke up. Am a bit bored. want to watch rain man. Will see. So I decided that everyone would write this and here is the list.. getting updated day by day 😀
Loser Scores
Sumanth (that would be me) : 7; Bachan : 66; sundar : 52; sanki : 9; rakesh : 57


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