I still rmr..

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….With tears in her eyes, confused as to what she should do, she is walking alone on the road. It is always said that when you are in fear, when you are in doubt, when you don’t know what to do, when you really are at your worst, all that you need to do is just look to ur side, and your best friend would be right beside you. She looks longingly for those comforting shoulders, those hands that nursed her when she was in pain, those eyes that gave her hope, the words that always made her happy, the only person she felt lucky for. With these heavy thoughts, she walks furthur, still hopeless. Tired she sits down, tears rolling down her eyes, waiting for something to happen….

Should all endings be happy? How do we define happiness? If you can be content with what you have then will the things always be the same? Will they get mundane? Do we realise the importance of people when we lose them? Should there always be a limit or threshold? Will wrong become right when you love that person? Will it hurt to say ‘sorry’ even when you really aren’t? Everything is okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end. How true is this? When you know that something is wrong and you still have to do it.. will you? Ponder my friends.. ponder abt these questions and many more. As for me, let me continue the story.

I can give it 2 endings.. I dont know which one to give.

….The something she has been waiting for happens. She realises that she has been wasting her time looking for something that never was and never will be. She decides that it is time that she moves on with her life. With this new found determination and hope from within, she wants to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of that. She walks back to face the world and live happily ever after…

….She looks around and she sees her best friend smiling, waiting for her. Coincidence? Strange are the wills of fate. Now she knows that she doesnt have to worry about anything. She just runs and gives him a hug and in his embrace knows that every moment of her life will be happy and that she would live happily ever after..

Well yeah I know I am bad at writing stories. Well started off with something totally different and ended with this.. But if you were the girl which one would you prefer? I would go with the second one maybe. Why? I dont know. It sounds nice. But if you catch me at a wrong time and ask me the same Q, I might as well say ‘ I dont care a damn, I wish I was the guy ;)’

Bluffmaster, lots of food ( shud thank raki for that), Chess with spoo and bachan, tons of sleep (shud thank the wonderful maggi yest.. else would have been another sleepless night) and lots of fun. Thanks a lot everyone.. love u a lot. miss you a lot.


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