I just love chess.

but there are more than just my feelings ….. i want to be respected and not just taken for granted ….. my friendship’s been tainted with the marks of betrayal and dishonesty which i cant take …

Cinema dialogue? such strong words? How could you even say them? Its better if I dont even talk about them. So what did I do the whole day ante.. had lots of fun 🙂 played dumbcharads.. raks birthday and thats it. It was really kewwll.. and hey forgot abt the treat and all .. there are things more imp. I’ll never forget these words ra.. NEVER.. but now i have moved on ….. with no grudges, angry feelings or regrets ….. just the memories …. someday u’ll know.. and maybe then i wud have moved on.. we’ll see.. dont hate me ! 😐

Now I know what it feels like to really HATE someone.

yeah I am going to move on and I dont know why I put the name of this article as ‘I just love chess’, time will tell.


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