10 Reasons why you should never talk to girls.

1) They need all the attention in the world. You should make them feel as though they are the only people that really matter to your lives. You just have to listen to each and every word that they say, each and every fight they have with others, everything.. You just have to hear to tons and tons of gossip. Just a big waste of time. If that was a guy-friend of yours, you can spend the time better on beer. 😀 or maybe go out for a movie or some place nice.

2) They are over-possesive. They always expect that they are the first people to hear the news, good, bad or whatever. Its just that they want to be the FIRST. “Why did you tell her abt that? I had to hear abt that thing from her. You could have told me about it when we met sometime back. Why didn’t you tell me?” Did you ever hear a guy ask the same things? Oh my God !! Take a break.. I just dint think that it was important. I just dint rmr. come on.

3) They expect tons and tons of gifts. “Today is rose day. where are my roses? Today is card day, where are my cards? You forgot about this day? We met on this day 2 years back.. We decided then that we would go out on this day every year. How could you forget about it. Why didnt you wish my sister on her birthday?” There are like 365 days in an year and on some fateful years 366, you just cant expect us to remember what each day is and what happened on this day? And if you are that concerned about it, a reminder wouldnt hurt. Whereas, guys would just say “I want to go out tomm. Let us go for a movie.”

4) They are never frank. It wouldnt really hurt to come straight to the point instead of just beating round the bush. If you want to go out all that girls should do is ask “Shall we go out today? Are you free?”.. instead they are like.. “There is a wonderful movie at this place wonderful” and they keep on raving about it until you just say “Ok fine !! Let us go tomm.” and then surprises of surprises, they dont agree immediately but instead are like “Wait let me see if I am free.. ” (After a 2 mins break) “Ok.. I guess we can go” .. You can never expect a straight forward answer to the Q.. Is everything fine? phewwww !!

5) They always want things to done their way . I never saw a girl agree to what you say immediately. Always want to contradict what you say. I dont see why they like arguing abt things. Yeah agreed they do have their opirion about things. But, sometimes you just have to let things to be done the other way also. Probably all the over-pampering at home is paying off like this. Realise that things always dont happen the way you want them to. 😐

6) They get upset over small things. Really really petty things make them feel bad.. like someone dint talk properly to them, they got a low score in an exam.. Low score is understandable.. but they get upset when someone they know has a higher score than them. Come on fruit cakes, you need to leather up. Life aint that easy. You have to go through lots of shit and somehow handling them comes naturally to guys. I really dont understand why. The list of things girls can get upset about is a never ending one. If a girl reads this, thats enough for them to act wierd. I just cant rmr the number of times I have had to convince a girl that nothing is wrong and that things are normal. They are so *beep* paranoid.

7) They keep you waiting They just are slow.. too slow. How much time does it take to change clothes, wash the face and come. I just hate waiting and I really dread those moments when I have to wait for girls. Guys just get ready in minutes unless they really want to slow things down ( for fun.. 😀 ) what say guys? Girls on the other hand, take hours and hours before they can even start thinking about coming out. I can think of only one girl who waited for me almost the every time we had to go out and seriously you rock !! [ That would be ranj, the coolest girl I ever talked to]

8) They pick lots of fights. Show me one girl who hasnt fought with a guy ever in her life and I would seriously be her biggest fan. I can show u tons of guys who havent had a fight. Seriously you people need to realise that you dont get everything that you want by throwing those temper tantrums and fits. All that it does is screw the relationship even more. Just learn to relax and please for God’s sake, stop discussing the fights you had with a guy with other girls. Women talk and thats the thing that they do a lot. Beware !!

9) Pride n Prejudice One thing that really irks me a lot. I have seen friends of mine, take this instance, there is a really cool friend, without doubt the coolest, everyone would vouch for that. He liked a girl ( God only knows why.. ), he just goes to her and asks her for dinner. Thats really awesome and just dont understand why girls find it so tough to say a YES and in case they are going to say a NO, why not say that properly. She kinda looked at him as though he made a big transgression by doing that. Seriously, have you ever been refused by a guy friend? For pete’s sake it was just dinner nothing else.. omg.

10) The only dumb and non-practical reason.

We can agree that… A girlfriend is a product of time and money right?
Girlfriend = Time * Money
Your girlfriend is a woman!
Girfriend = Woman
Woman = Time * Money
We all know that time is money…
time = money
woman = money * money
woman = (money)^2
We also know that money is the root of all evil, correct?
money = sqrt(evil)
woman = [sqrt(evil)]^2
Hence, woman = evil

I know I have been a bit critical over here. But ask girls also, some of them would say that they hate the other girls. I never heard a guy say this. Guys rock !! and come on.. dont get too judgemental about me, reading this, who knows I might even write “10 reasons why we should talk to girls” to make my gal friends happy. I just wish I amnt forced into doing it through emotional blackmail 😀

Kidding. But still isnt there an iota of truth atleast in all this? Just give it a thought.. and dont start asking ‘What happened sumanth all of a sudden’ .. nothing has happened. Its just that I am bored as usual 😉


10 Responses

  1. 😀 waiting for comments 😉

  2. Looks like you are upset bigtime … ;)) …. But a nice post …

  3. Think u were hurted vert badly dood

  4. Hehe.. nothing like that. A bit pissed off though, nothing drastic. Anyways thanks for the comments. And hey saaketh dont think there would be many 🙂 .. I wonder how many ppl read my blog.

    P.S : Anonymous comments.. Interesting !!

  5. Screw U bitch.

    Frm Cheddi with love.

  6. Hi there.
    The very fact that u devoted some amnt of time on putting up a blog dedicated (in some sense) to girls speaks volumes abt the fact that we are pretty much in everyone’s scheme of things.Looks like u kud get a book published on this topic.Let me not be critical .I think that this one of the most honest confessions (if I may say) I have ever heard or in this case seen.I am damn sure that smthin awfully wrong must have happened that made u write this.As far as the “gettin ready” point goes u are bingo on target but that “women=evil” equation is a lil overboard a reaction.Do u really think that if u go out wid a guy u wont have to pay.On the contrary I think that girls are much wiser when it comes to monetary issues.Hmm..
    but each one is entitled to his or her opinions.I am confident that some day u may have to revisit this blog and alter certain things that u have written.I will be waiting eagerly for that day……

  7. Hey.. first, thanks for the comment 🙂 and not for reading the first reason properly also.. I meant that when you go with guys you dont have to listen to gossip, but can just be to urself drinking beer 😛 .. I wrote ‘Spend time’ dear not money!! Anyways, I was kinda really pissed off abt someone, and was in a mood to esukofy all girls and so the blog. Probably there are many more reasons than 10 why we should talk to girls and thats why I am sttill doing it.


  9. correste ra kranti 😀

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    if not it is complex to write.

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