Just coming back from ‘Shock’ , One helluva movie. It was really kewwlll.. I just had a really nice time today. Played a new word game with rakhee akka and all.. we went to the exhibition. I guess you’ll have to wait to see the pics. I guess it would be really kewlll with those dumb smiles of mine. I guess I’ll wrap this post with a review of ‘Shock’. I wanted to write about the ’11 Reasons why we should talk to gals’, but I’ll pass. Hmm.. why so? come on, you should be knowing them urselves.

Ok.. I just got a mesg from arvind saying that he needs some food. Hungry anta.. will search for some for him. chalo then.. will edit the blog once I am back !!

Couldn’t find anything.. sorry bud. So where was I, yeah I was telling riann abt the 11 reasons. anyways, now what should I do? yeah I guess I’ll watch ‘Justice League’, really love that. Just love cartoons. Hehe.. I just observed something.. somehow I seem to be using lots of “I guess”, “Just” and so on.. and when I talk, you know what I use a lot right, “awesome”, “proper” and ofcourse the eternal “like”.


It is really nice movie. Not a must-see though, but I would it is a movie you would enjoy with friends. It has some really nice comedy and so u’ll have a nice laugh. I liked Jyotika a lot, she was awesome in those wonderful sarees. So thats it for the blog for today..

All in all, a really nice day. I had loads of fun and it was nice 🙂


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