Abt today.. I went to ‘Devadasu’, review later on in the blog and then I dont know, but depending on my mood.. I might write a testimonial on someone. Dont know about whom yet.. but just want to write a testimonial, a really frank one. Will see 🙂 Went to leave rakhee akka at the station, me and cheddi, had a nice time. All in all, a good day.


Its been really long since I watched two good movies in a row. All that I did the whole movie was gape at Ilenea. She is so damn cute, shes hot man.. shes really hot.. I just had a nice time looking at her. The movie was ok ok, the songs were pretty good. I somehow couldn’t digest the bike scenes, though the one at the train was pretty cool. The ending was crappy.. but who cares Ilenea rocks !! Now I am just waiting for her new movie with mahesh babu, wonder when that would come. Will have to wait a bit I guess.. we’ll see. Can watch the movie, but go with someone who likes girls.. hot ones, if you know what I am saying, else you might not be able to appreciate it as much.

Now, I just dont know whose testimonial to write.. Let me see. Probably the first person to send me a yahoo message from now on. That should be cooll.. I just hope its not someone whose testimonial I dont want to write. Let us see. And now the wait beginsss…

@12:15 . Still no message. Just talked to Kap.. raved about Ilenea, he concurs that she is hot :D. Will be having my breakfast from tomm. in NBH, we all decided that we’ll eat food together. Actually it was nice today eating food with raki akka in NBH mess.. so just want to see. Will watch ‘Lord of the war’ now.

I got the message. Not interested in writing the testimonial for that person and so lites. Feeling a bit sleepy.

New word : deja-moo. Should thank rakhee akka for that. deja-vu means ‘ The illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time’ and so deja-moo would be ‘I have heard that bull shit before or I have the feeling that I have heard that bull shit before’ . Her friends coined that it seems. coooll !! I’m beginning to feel sleepy and ‘Lord of the war’ is really really boring and so I guess I’ll sleep. GNSD


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