Blue Screen of death…

Blue screen of death, slight cold and fever, really slight but enough to be a pain in the ass, thats what I kinda have right now.. so what should I blog about today? There are like umpteen things that I can write about, what should I start with? Probably I will dedicate this for my comp. 😛

Blue Screen of Death

Hey I am writing this blog on bachan’s pc and its kinda nice here.. probably got to do with Firefox extensions.. its lot easier to upload images and all. So.. where was I? Yeah, my pc. Submitted this and had a look, the image is kind of gone.. Probably something to do with the text, or the fact that the original image was a gif, not at all in a mood to find out why.. so I guess I’ll let it stay.. for We arent humans if it hadnt been for these small errors. Really?

I must really say Microsoft sucks big time !! Pinfi attack and almost all my executables are gone. I just cant understand how a virus could break through with SP2 installed and also the windows firewall. Can’t they write a OS that is bug-free. Why do we have to do mistakes? why should there be some errors in our coding? I am presuming that God coded us and like MS he did a really bad job at that.. Like MS we look wonderful from the outside and everything is perfect till a virus hits, and once a virus hits it is just going down non-stop. Yeah ofcourse, you have the option of restarting like in windows, sleep for some time, take a break, some cookies and then start the work again. A LAN network is like the friends’ circle, if a friend gets infected it gets spread to all the other friends in the network like the virus, unless you have a firewall, i.e, you are an introvert in this sense. And now coming back to the Pinfi, I know what the problem. I know what it does, but I have no idea how to get rid of it, tried lots of things to patch things up, but that resulted in more misunderstandings, AVG and EzAntiTrust both had a fight and neither of them could clear things up. Then, I decided that I  was tired of all these viruses, decided it was time to start afresh. Just got a cd of windows and started the process of installing windows again, then the blue screen of death. Why amnt I able to move on?  srujan says that the reason would be the dust that has got sedimented in the RAM, which requires some cleaning and so that what I am going to do first before I install it again.. wish it is that easy. Actually now, taking a break off from my comp and just thinking about reading novels, and then go back to the comp and see how things go.

Ok.. feeling a bit tired and sleepy. Feel like sleeping the whole day. We’ll see…


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  1. microsoft sux big time

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