Nostalgia at its peak..

Linkin park seems to just remind me of lots of things.. Looks like I am going to have lots of fun today. seriously !! This is my december…

So, yeah I know lots of things to write about. But first things first, have I become too stubborn? I am beginning to feel that I shud become a bit less rigid. hmm.. maybe I need to let go of things and do this and that.. I am bored. So, number theory and linear programming.. 2 constrasting exams, the way I studied and the way I wrote. I always seem to have a bad start abd then hit back at the end.. crawling in my skin.. these wounds they will not heal.. blah blah blah 😀

Plans for today.. hmm. no idea. I just am going to take a break. Dont tell me that I have been doing that same thing the whole sem, the whole of IIIT, the whole of my life.. maybe atleast in MS, I need to push harder, but isnt that something that I always do at the beginning of my academic chapter, start of with a bang. Narayana, IIIT were no different and then I tend to relax a lot and get really really lucky at the end. Hehe.. I knoww, I dont why but no matter what happens I always feel that I am lucky.. dont know. Almost never blamed anything on luck.. probably got to do something with optimism. I wanna feel.. I wannaa..

So, I am bored blogging.. I’ll write some crappy posts in orkut.. s”craps” cant ask for anything more. :evil smile: I know I’ll get what I deserve someday.. but I dont really care !!
I am pure evil , do you deny?


2 Responses

  1. U havnt become stubborn.
    U were always stubborn.
    In a way that U expect things to happen Ur way according to U.
    So stop moping about the simple things like Ur characteristics and get back to enjoying life.

  2. Every once in a while, I need to brag abt all the gud qualities in me cheddi.. Cant help it 😀

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