Rang de Basanti..

I have no inkling as to what was wrong with me.. but after all the hype and all those sexy reviews that I got, I dint like the movie that much.

Reng de Basanti

The movie was ok ok.. not as good as it was hyped. I really dont like patriotic movies to be mixed with love, friendship and all.. same problem with Lakshya also. I like movies like ‘Saving Private Ryan’, which is indeed an out and out patriotic movie. Ofcourse agreed that that was Speilberg. But when I can watch such movies why bother about these movies. Or probably it was my mood, still the hangover effects 😕 Actually felt better after a couple of subs and a mocha. God only knows when I’ll stop that.. or it was probably the company.. I really hate people who dont talk during movies. Whats up with them? Really.. do those dumb movies seem more important than a nice conversation. Some people never learn.. cant help it. Come on now u dont take sides sare na?

Coming bak to the movie, nice music.. Rehman right, so cant expect less. Hey Mangal pandey was also rehman’s work kada.. so nice work here ani analii.. but still I dont know what people liked so much about the movie. Siddarth was good, always with a marlboro, kinda cool.. [edit] On arpita, my cousin’s request, munna aka Siddarth was at his best and the movie was kewwll thanks to his splendid performance.. We are eagerly waiting for more flashes of brilliance like this.. [/edit]  but still Maddy was the best..

P.S : Flashes of brilliance because the rest is all empty anyways :P.. Kidding !!

and if there is something called ‘Bestest’, that would be Sue, she stands out in the movie, she was great at all places expect at the end when she starts crying.. I dont know why but I am somehow beginning to hate girls who cry !! Probably.. but not many decent pics of Alice Patten on the net.. dont know. But still man she looks the coolest and if I am to marry someone phoren, I am gonna marry a blond who is such a cutie.. hehe.. I am so gaga abt her.. right usage. hmm dont know.. so what else? nothing much I guess. will go hit the sack again.. now its 12:17 PM afternoon .. reading ‘The Beautiful Mind’ novel, not as good as expected.. but still ok ok.. so I guess will sleep for some time. Need to hit the sack early from tomm. I am tired sleeping so late.. its ruining my head..
Be a rebel 😀

Columnist Sagarika Ghose writes an interesting analysis of the movie. She says :

Rang De Basanti does a terrible disservice to the nationalism of India’s young people. It wilfully paints modern day patriots as unthinking anti-establishment killers. It foolishly creates a myth known as Gen Next which does nothing but drink and dance. And it promotes a leviathan media as the ultimate interpreter of India. The fact that Rang de Basanti is a hit shows just how catastrophically distant we are getting from reality, where we’re happy to live from media image to media image, from frame to frame, without realising the depth and profundity of “ordinary” human dramas.

I seriously dont really care.. but check this out for more opinions.. I dont generally read blogs !! Came across this.. and so http://agastyabhrata.blogspot.com/2006/02/rang-de-basanti-ii.html


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