Movies – Spiderman 3

Just was feeling bored and so decided to do some research on spiderman – 3. Let us start with a look at imdb and this what I came across and it kinda startled me.

Why on earth is spiderman wearing a black dress? Well I just looked around for something. went through a couple of discussions.. see I dont have any work and I am really really bored 🙂 So, what did I find out? Sony seems to have done a really really good job advertising for the movie. The villian for the movie as far as imdb says is Sandman..


discussion was more like there would be other villians like Venom, Green Goblin II and all.. Venom would make sense regarding the black suit, Venom is a symbiote and I distinctly remember cartoons where spiderman dress color changes.. 😕 and that I feel is nice.. because now spidy would have to fight himself besides sandman. Sandman graphics would be really really good.. I just hope so.. especially after Octopus.

I just get the feeling the suit might be a Spidey creation to symbolise the death of a loved one maybe or a change in attitude? I’m just guessing here but the whole symbiote thing takes over Spiderman thing doesn’t really jazz with what the first two films were about;

Thats what a comment in imdb is. I really dont think it would be for a death or something.. It would be really suicidal for Sony Corp. to play with Spidy’s costume esp when the red and blue colors are what the kids really really love. So, maybe the symbiotic thing is kewwlll.. actually that makes lots of sense also.. Why? because conflict with self brings out the best in people.. and Spidy has always had probs with if he should be the spiderman or he shudnt.. this is something that Venom would really capitalise on. and that would I think bring out the best in Toby Macquire’s acting skills.. ofcourse if there are any !! I amnt a big fan of him.. Spidy rocks though.

The first love of Peter Parker can very well be seen as the secretary of the Daily Bugle Betty Brant. The two were definitely attracted to each other early on in the pages Amazing Spider-Man, but Betty and Peter never really hit it off. There were good reasons for this as Peter never really could divulge the secret of him being Spider-Man to her. Betty always thought that Peter was keeping something from her.. Looks like she is going to be important in this movie. Elizabeth Banks who plays Betty doesnt look good at all.. I dont know whats wrong with Sam Raimi.. I heard rumors that Sarah Michelle Gellar would be doing a role and was hoping that she would be Betty or atleast Gwen Stacy… Seems Peter loved Gwen more deeply than he had ever loved any woman before.

I dont know if Sony Corp would change the concept or from what I have heard from the internet, my main source of all kinds of knowledge .. ken 😛 .. Spidy is going to have to handle 3 women, MJ, Gwen Stacy and Betty, 3 villians Sandman, Venom (hoping that that would be the case.. seriously.. ), Green Goblin II.. Still lots of time before we get to watch the movie.. 1 year, 65 days, and 8 hours until Spider-Man 3.. to be released in 2007.

Best of luck spidy with those girls .. they are harder to handle than those villians.

So, what did I do today? Spent lots of time doing nothing.. good work kadaa.. I know and ledu ley ra repu waste cheyyanu time sare na? edo okati paniki vacchedi chestaa… basicgaa naku bayam and motivation inkaa ravatleduu.. cant do anything kada.. I know 😀 .. miss u a lot.. love u a lot .. take care ra ofcourse of me. 5


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