4:52 AM..

Now the time is 4:52 AM.. I decided that I will sleep early today.. have something nice to write about, dont know 🙂 Just planning to write my yest’s schedule.. I mean how it went on and all.. blah blah..

Before that.. this sexy pic on how Indian movies are

Indian Movie
Nice kadaa.. this is how the movies have become of late !! sarle, now coming bak what I have done for today.. Lemme recollect.

12:30 PM : Wake up call .. Cheddi. Too lazy to wake up and so slept again. was having a wonderful dream and really didn’t want to mess that up 😀

1:15 PM : Finally woke up, was really really hungry and so finished brushing pretty quick.. and then as usual watched some age rec. games and went to eat food.. it was pretty quick.. as usual the food here sucks

2:00 PM : Out of my room, thank god. I dont know why but nowadays I really dont want to be in my room at all.. I dont really feel like home here. Lab is pretty cooll.. went there.. dint do anything.. was planning on startin the fyp.. actually was planning on finishing it off.. start browsing and thats it.. browsed abt all the crap in this world..

4:30 PM : My favorite class this whole sem, Linear Programmin.. dint go the class, must have got my proxy.. mostly.. hopefully.. else I am spending one more sem here. I also have Number Theory at the same time.. wonder what Appaji would think if he happened to have a look at my attendance sheets… IIIT rocks !!

5:00 PM : Lots of visits to the coffee shop.. Must have been my third visit or something. Coffee, Puffs, Coke.. what not?

5:15 PM : Roomm doing what I am really good at.. Sleep.. Sleep.. Sleep.. Hoped that I wudnt wake up till the next day.. woke up at arnd 7:00 PM

7:00 PM : Off to the lab, read something, felt really really nostalgic, did something, walked back to my room, had a couple of large coffees, that would be 4 coffees in all to make me come back to my senses, realised something 😀

11:00 PM : Back to the lab.. and about to leave and sleep.. knight comes and asks me if I wanted to age.. why wudnt I? I was too damn bored and messaging everyone I knew.. arrghhh I hate u ra.. I was really really bored.. tarvata.. pplayed age. Bala slung me (slung is giving resources to me so that I can be aggresive.. ) Dont know why I have been so defensive of late some other time abt that and my style of playing.. won a game.. lost a game.. was pretty happy !!

2:00 PM : Now the real fun, cooking cooking cooking.. I cooked maggi for kap, manik, bama, me, wizz and thats all.. wizz is nitish ra.. telusu kada neeku. so ala cooking.. burnt my towel and it was fun.. with a remark frm nitish that I shud seriously think abt cooking as a career .. hehe.. saripoyindii , dad would be so happy on hearing that.. dad loves cooking leyyy.. cheppagaa. inkaa.. so ala ayyindii time anta..

4:00 PM : done cooking and washing.. thanks to saaketh for the utensils. so alaa.. n then edo age rec. start cheste.. naa bujji pc inka paduko raa idiot ani.. reboot !! reboot !! reboot !! thrice and then the blue screen.

4:52 PM : started writing this blog.. and now what do I have in my mind aaa.. emo ra.. chala formalgaa rassanu ani anipinchindii ee blog.. ekkuva alochistunnanaa? and hey I just loved katarya’s blog.. it was kewwlll .. nice one. 🙂

so now thinking abt sleep and hoping that tomm wont be just an another day.. seriously I want something nice to happen like.. me doing some work.. nenu fullgaa have become lazzyyy !! and hey did I tell u I got a letter from Carnegie Mellon.. contents aa.. some Information Networking Institute (INI) at CMU anta.. and they wanted me to apply to that… ekkada nundii vacchindo vallaku naa address. Not interested. networking kadaa.. lites. hehe..

Tomorrow’s topic : Revenge is a dish best served when cold

I am sorry ra.. really really sorry 😦


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  1. Awesome cartoon there …. lol …

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