Dream of Californication…

Dream of Californication : California has been one place I really .. dont know what to say kaani. Dont know if its the Doors effect or the fact that I have heard frm umpteen people that it is a kewwll place.. including PJN, I’ve been really craving to go there. so, happy? cheppagaa.. naaku akkada nundii admit vacchindi, univ. california, santa cruz, so alaa.. so happy? dont know rey. seriously mixed feelings!! I was expecting that I would be ecstatic, kaani dont know I really dont feel that happy, same thing on the day when I got into kritikal, actually that felt much better until….. yeah somethings are better not written.. tcs was like the best moment this year, hmm actually that happened last year and so it was like a really good recent memory, till that… it really blew the whole day apart.. so what do I need to do? see I am digressing again.. dont know nowadays, my mind keeps on wandering from place to place.. and I have like got used to typing all that that comes to my mind when I am writing my blog.. and so. its kinda kewwlll.. and I dont know when I’ll learn typing, I use , somewhere close to between 3-6 fingers only to type.. keeeps on changing 😛 ok so whr was I, yeah it was the first thing I saw in the morning, and then our little secret ………. dont know why kaani…

Actually wanted to write about how good fight-club english is and how fight-club hindi is exactly the opposite of it.. I guess I’ll pass. I am feeling a bit bored and want to sleep.. long time since I slept early.. and now its arnd 3:00 AM and thats really early by my standards.. so chweett dreams ra.. I am missing something that I wanted to write for today.. dont rmr.. hmm.. lite leyy, will write when I rmr !!

I rmred what I wanted to write, and so loggin bak in :D..

Word of the Day : Coincidence


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