Second consecutive day with no sleep 😦

When you have insomnia, you aren’t really awake, you aren’t really asleep. Fight Club dialogue.. I dont know why, but I really amnt able to sleep. Something deep within is troubling me 😛 sounds familiar kadaaa.. hahaaa.. paranoia leyyy, whatever leyyy.

Good or bad, I made a wish today !! I just hope it gets fulfilled.. Plzz Plzz Plzzz… maa manchi devudu kaduu cheseyyyiii. yeah nenu vastaanuu.. sare na? happy ye kadaa now.. so aa happy mood lo yee wish ni ok cheseyyyiii.. yeah I’ll be a good boy..

sare.. inkaa.. thats all? yeah I guess so. I am writing all vinta vinta blog posts.. short short ones.. dont knoww.

Word of the Day : ” “


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