Sleep finally…

After a couple of days of no sleep, finally managed to sleep for a couple of hours… felt pretty good after that 🙂 and then skipped all the meals of the day, and so the prospect of me sleeping right now and waking up early for a breakfast at chutneys, sounds really really good. Ahhh.. 3.5 years in hyderabad and I’ve never been to Chutneys, yeah a part of my dream day, which starts with a sexy breakfast at chutneys and then …. some other day chepta sure..

yeah I thought i will upload a fighter plane’s pic, Sukhoi or MIG, anything should be fine. I dont know why, but after watching top gun today in the morning, I was like wwwooww, atleast lemme play a fighter pilot computer game.. hehe.. I knoww.. so I just cudnt sleep at 6 in the morning and so went to the lab, watched a couple of movies, browsed a lot, game trees, phising, lots of other stuff like that.. I dont know why I hate Ankit Fadia so much, yeah I dont like him.. there was a mail reg. a talk by him here and I was like arrgghh how dumb can ppl be to listen to what he says.. hmm.. I know what you’ll say, that I’m jealous, actually I dont care.. hehe. Currently in the state of letting sleeping dogs lie the way they are, hmm lemme check if my usage o’er here is correct, where else

let sleeping dogs lie
Allow inactive problems to remain so, as in Jane knew she should report the accident but decided to let sleeping dogs lie. This injunction to avoid stirring up trouble was already a proverb in the 13th century. It alludes to waking up a fierce watchdog and has been stated in English since the late 1300s.

So gg, oh gg ante naa.. great going.. Check this site out, info abt almost all kinds offighter planes., really kewwwllll Amnt able to find a decent pic and the net is really slow.. so will upload later.. forget the plane, I have a better pic, almost an year old. That cute kid is someone we saw at Angethi, a really nice place.. amal, a senior of mine got into Trilogy and so the treat, me being the only junior there, yeah I was pretty chum to my seniors.. I can still distinctly rmr what happened after and what happened before this.. woww.. such sweett memories, really sweet ones.


Ok.. now got to hit the sack.. and that too hard. Top Gun is a must see if you havent seen it before, it you have see it and I am sure you would want to be maverick.. I would and copying this frm cheddi’s blog, for all suckers who dont have any other work, than reading what I have written and that too when I clearly mentioned that I dont know what to write, adios 😛

Word of the Day : Somnolence

My current status … Happy Appy?


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