Eva Green..

After almost 12 hours of lab work, 3 or less of which constituted 170 lines of code, postponed for almost 3 months… hunger to the max, which made me eat veg fried rice, a couple of dosas, a frankie and some coke, after a 1 v 2 v 2 death match of age, here I am bak to my room with a day to pout abt.. so what stands out in the day? nothing.. it was a perfect day, a really normal day with everything going the day I wanted to, everything in control, just smooth without any disturbances whatsoever, cudnt ask for anything better !!

So, what do I plan to do now.. hmm sleep obviously.. have a viva coming up next, tomm. which i just hope will be over tomm and not get postponed again.. plzz plzz.. and what else ante.. nothing much to blog abt today actually.. hmm.. i dont know what to write.. its been really long since I uploaded a pic of someone beautiful, the last being Ilenea.. so i just thought i wud upload someone nice and went for the new bond girl.. eva green. not thattt pretty right.. I know 😀 .. and cud not find a better pic.. really sorry !!
Eva Green

One day I’ll probably look at what imageshack gains from letting me upload so many images.. makes me wonder as to how much space they would be wasting on all my images.. hmm.. interesting.. but still space isnt a criterion anymore right.. so I guess thats pretty fine… hmm.. ads and all.. dont know..

Will probably end this with the Q.. Am I a geek? something that I really need to ponder abt.. I seriously dont know. Sleeping in the lab before my comp, 24 hrs online.. do they make me a geek? Probably I need to write some quiz as to where I stand with respect to that.. actually I might classify myself as a computer geek.. I just cant live my sweetheart, my comp, ask me a word whose meaning i dont know, here I am off to dictionary.com.. tell me sthing I dont know, I am off to wikipedia.com.. I dont really think I can live for long without my comp atleast at IIIT, back home I am kinda used to it.. 🙂 so chalo I guess I’ll sleep early atleast today..

I just opened the door and its the sexiest weather outside.. which really really makes me want to sleep… me thachiii.. gud niteee… cheewwwtt dreams.. miss u .. love u .. summu


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