Divorced Women…

Sunday, March 05, 2006
The divorced woman as easy prey


This is some forward that I recieved a couple of minutes back and I just normally dont blog at this time of the day, but I just just wanted to write something about this.. maybe about this blog and how I reacted to it..

First reaction, was stop halfway in the middle, get pissed off and then message the person who sent me this link that I dint like the blog and that I wudnt read the blog post anyone :D.. such strong reactions and then had a look at the comments and found that everyone was praising the post, so just had a look again.. change of opinion, I just hate it when my opinion changes so fast, need some control.. shudnt do things so impulsivelyy… now coming to the post.

Interesting but I wish I cud be candid abt this.. I dont know, I dont even know this Jai Arjun Singh and so I dont think I shud really comment on his post. So, I dont think I will do any personal comments.. good or bad. When you dont want bad comments, the same applies to good also right.. why you want only praises and not criticisms kya? Okay, here its my arrogance thats talking again.. one fine day, will ask it to shut its mouth, till then you’ll have to bear with it ๐Ÿ™‚

She no longer felt as free or as comfortable talking with her friendsโ€™ husbands as she had before โ€“ even with the ones she had known for many years and genuinely believed to be decent men.

This is exactly the point where I got really pissed off, I really hate it when people decide lots of things based on something stupid that has happened to themm ………………… Okie.. in the josh I really wrote lots of things here and then decided that some things are better left unsaid, so basically what I wanted to say was that just because one bad thing has happened there is no point in letting go of all the good things that you have, just because you missed a train doesnt mean you stop boarding trains at all right, I know that you wudnt agree with the comparison, probably there is a scale difference but stilll… I believe in striving hard the next time so that I wudnt for sure miss the train if it is that important thats alll.. thats what makes all the difference between being happy and being aloof and sad.

With reference to the last example of SMS, guys do indeed make it tough for the women, but nowadays women are really strong and so I guess they can easily say a NO to guys who hit on them in case they arent interested and should avoid that guy only is she wants to.. what say? I know dear that you’ll agree with me on this.. I really dint like the post.. Well probably the guys were just being nice to her now that she is alone, just like good friends. Yeah agreed guys do whats mentioned in the post.. but still not all guys.. I just dont know why I am taking it so personally. Did I hit on someone like that? come on, I am still 21 and so dont even think abt that ๐Ÿ˜› .. anyways coming bak to the topic, dont know rey, its all wierd when I’ve like woken up at 9:30 in the morning and writing a blog at 2:30 with an empty stomach… my order is on its way and in the meantime thought tht I might finish this off..

I am really really sorryyy, I really havent been there and so I really dont know what it is all about.. i believe that writing things in bold gives it more emphasis.. this is my opinion and mine only based on my personal experiences and what I have heard only.. and I really dont want to edit all this..

Your mom sacrificed a number of her old friendships, including those with men who almost certainly were decent guys, just because of one incident. That made perfect sense from her perspective – the costs of one such incident may certainly outweigh the benefit from a dozen casual friendships. But the lesson is, I think, that it doesn’t take more than a small % age of men who would actually do something like this to make a woman feel victimised. The thing that a lot of men miss, when they react by saying “only a small fraction of men are like that” (which may, for all i know be true) is that a small fraction of men, who are unidentifiable in any way until they reveal themselves, is all it takes to create victimisation. You don’t need to be harassed by every man you meet, you only need to be harassed by one and not know who might be next to feel victimised. Just as you don’t need to get mugged every time you walk home at night to feel scared doing it- it only needs to happen to you once, or even to a friend of yours, for it to make you feel unsafe.

A comment that I really liked at that site.. I really wished I had taken social studies after that.. and people who dint like this post, you always have the choice of not reading my blog right, I never asked you to. I just love blogging ๐Ÿ˜€ but one thing that I really have to commend abt that article was that it was very well written, though I really wished that his mom hadnt severed all her relationships and that ritika aunty had a hard talk with that guy rajesh or something !! Thats probably why I dint like it.. I dint like the way they let things take control over their lives and resigned themselves to the fate.. come on, those are the choices you made, they could have been better if you wanted them to.

Anyways, sorry again if I’ve hurt anyone’s personal feelings.. dont know why I’m so unsure abt writing this blog entry.


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