Sorry I got drunk

Who else.. emma emma emmaa … Am a really big fan of hermione, emma watson. Dont know why.. probably I like the way she talks and the confidence in her in handling interviews and all.. happen to have some really kewwll vids where she is quizzed and her replies are really cutee and smart..


and now am an even bigger fan :D.. Well I dont think she is really 16 yet and so she isnt supposed to drink.. 16 is the age limit in UK, if my memory is right !! Now you might start saying, naah she isnt drunk.. wait a sec dear friends.. the look of her eyes is too familiar for me to think of anything else other than that.. and ofcourse there is an another pic where she is drinking .. i dont know what she is drinking.. looks like something with C..

The legal drinking age is 18, so if she turns 16 in one months time, then she is most certainly 2 years shy. Unless she was sharing a meal with an adult, in which case 16 is legal.

Just found this out through internet, all hail the net. and also found out what she is drinking, its Corona, a mild beer.. hmm.. interesting. so was she drunk or not? i mean was that just for a pic or did she really drink? Actually doesnt make that big a difference, I do know that its pretty ok there 🙂

emma drinkin

Looks like I’ve way too much free time.. I know. so what did I do today? nothing much, played age, won a couple of games, both imperial rush, mayan plumed archers and mangudais.. so was kewwlll. The viva got postponed again, poor anoop sir looked really really sick.. just rmred me a couple of weeks bak, was just like that.. hehe.. i know..

P.S: There is an another pic where she is drinking frm the bottle, dint feel like posting it.. and so u can be sure that the info. is indeed credible 😀

I am going to learn GO, something that nash played, considered to be the best strat game ever. and CV, yeah I know I got a A, but its really really rusty right now.. We’ll see how it goes on. Amnt sure though, but seriously I need buckle up..

Quote of the day : Pulling is always easier than pushing Explanations later..


2 Responses

  1. I’m thinkin she might be a little ticked off at having private pictures on the internet. Poor Emma!!!

  2. Yeah I guess so, I actually found them at some other place 🙂 some fan site..

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