First thought abt writing about the movie Sindbad and then came across a couple of awesome pics and thought I might post them. But before that Sindbad, its actually a cartoon movie is a must see, its really good !!

Bush 1

So here what we see is Bush kissing the wife of the Chinese prime minister I guess, my current affairs is really bad, I need to brush up on lots of things, dont seem to find time to do all the things. So, what do u expect the reaction would be. I guess there would be a furore in China over this, the chins are really really conservative, atleast I dont think they arent westernised enough to take this positively.. I dont know, but my decisions are based on this next pic, during the next visit of Bush … hehe

Bush 2

Looked kind of funny at a first glance and then I started having mixed reactions about this, why? Just the thought that what is right for you, might not be right for everyone else makes me kinda get freaked out.. it just means that you cant keep everyone happy always no matter whatever you do šŸ™‚ so all that you can do is atleast be happy urself and live life to the fullest, which reminds me of something that majj told me once, Its your life and its ending one second at a time, make that one minute.. I am a bit slow !! So, I seriously right now am beginning to realise how nice life would be if you really stopped worrying about all the stupid things that happen round you, just having fun. This is I guess my last month in IIIT, and from what I have heard and I think I know, my MS/R at UCSC would be really one helluva ride and I guess I’ll have to bend my back.. this is probably my last shot with these people here.

As usual.. started off with something and digressed into something else.. nothing new rt. I am feeling really sleepy now.. the time is arnd 5:12 AM right now and I’ve kind of gotten used to this schedule.. will need a really strong resolve to break this schedule and I really dont think I want to or can šŸ˜€ .. gud nite .. sweet dreams.

P.S : I just happened to get an account at imageshack.. have to see how it goes. Actually sometimes makes me wonder as to how many people really read my blog.. dont know, actually dont really care rt

P.S 2 or shud it be P.P.S : Current Yahoo Status : Drunk!…naught me – I’m Serfectly Pober Occifer! šŸ™‚ and am really really in a sleepy mood, havent slept properly yest. and so there might be lots of edits I should do.. but I dont think I’ll !!


2 Responses

  1. hey im always ther reading ur blog šŸ˜‰

  2. hehe.. I know šŸ˜€

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