Just woke up..

I slept till 3 in the afternoon and then again at 7 in the night and woke up just now.. the time is arnd 12:13 AM and hopefully will sleep again.. sleep is so much good 😀

I just dont know why but I’m listening to lots of cranberries nowadays… its kinda soothing. I seem to like the lyrics a lot.. hmm.. so what did I do yest.. slept as usual really late, was chatting on yahoo and it was really a wierd experience.. I dont actually rmr much abt the conv.. yeah 2 days of no proper sleep and food.. somehow seems to do that. But still dont worryy.. I just happened to eat tons and tons of food today.. a biryani in the afternoon.. 2 paneer dosas and a mosambi juice in the evening and again 2 paneer dosas, a mosambi juice, a alu cheese toast, a veg spring roll and a pepsi.. So I guess that shud make up for all the food I dint have

So, will sleep nw and wake up a bit early tomm. hopefully… I wrote some poetry.. just for fun, actually just a scrap.. dont know how it is, you have to judge it.

Frankly speaking, poetry isnt my forte
My talent with words is really short.
Such an attempt, lots of people wud thwart.
So poetry fo sure, would be my last resort.


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