No sleep..

Confessions Of A Server

OH MY! Life is so unfair! What did I do wrong to be born a server in this day and age? I could have been a nice simple bicycle that people happily rode around on all day. But no, I’m stuck inside this metal case serving web pages instead. I never even see the light of day and all I can hear is the rush of the air-conditioning!
Well, no more! I’m relaxing here with a cup of tea and a biscuit until someone shows me some love and attention.

It never takes them long to fix me when I kick up a fuss so check back in a few minutes and I’ll be chugging along merrily again.!

The web server
( – where even the machines have life!)

Something that makes wordpress more lovable :D.. This is the error message I got when the server was busy.. so much better than the wierd There isnt enough donut for now, much much more better than Error 404 or whatever. So, what did I do yesterday and the day before? nothing really khaas.. thanks to visurao and his streaming of TV, I could watch formula one and the awesome cricket right in my room.. It was like really kewwll to watch the biggest score ever being chased and I really wished it was a tie. Kinda felt sad for Aussies at the end, but still the Proteas totally deserved it.. wonder what the newspapers said.. *makes me really wonder how long it has been since I read a newspaper.. really really long.. its been like ages since I’ve slept normally and woke up normally.. i mean at the times that an average human being would.. So plans for today, as usual lazyy lazzyy mee.. naah am going out today, finally managed to move my butt, thanks to riann.. so, pvr.. chronicles of narnia and then eat street.. I somehow loved eat street when I went there with my bro and friends.. kinda cool.. nice place 🙂

So, what else did I do yesterday.. just the normal biryani frm PR, just the same old project meeting, just the same old things, just the same old cards game, just the same old seniors and fun.. so life hasnt changed that much.. just the same, and I just sent a mail to the prof.. keeping my fingers crossed, getting an RAShip would really really make it a lot lot easier to convince everyone, actually mom and dad are like really confident that I shud go even without aid and then try there.. mom was even like.. i’ll pay for ur studies. But still I would love an RAShip..

Lots of things I wanted to write abt, the match.. how SAs kicked ass, Alonso victory again.. but I sure would like to commend Kimi Rakkionen here, *sure that I got the spelling wrong.. but who cares.. yeah he started last on the grid and came third.. nice. But, Schumi really really needs to overtake Alonso, I mean the same thing happened in Imola as well.. but good to see the Ferrari in such great shape.. hope we have a fun-filled summer with lots of F1s and if I am lucky, will be watching the Indianapolis event live.. How do you like them apples? It would be as Chandler would say.. Perfection … oh the chewing gum incident, hot girl.. power-cut.. got it rt. duh !!

Lack of sleep and me hungry, and so dont know if the blog post is okay or not. Who cares anyways? Its these imperfections that make us humans.. eh? why of all the quotes did I have to write this?


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