Full Metal Alchemist

I finally finished watching all the 51 episodes, each one being 25 mins. long.. Kewwlll !! So, heres the review.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Genre : Action/Cartoon

Cartoon movies and serials are slowly but steadily replacing conventional cinema. Graphics and animation would be the tools on which future movies would hinge on. It really provides us with a whole new gamut for innovations, which are indeed the order of the day.


So, coming back to Full Metal Alchemist, it is a tale that revolves round the quest of two brothers, Al and Ed to perform human transmutation, with the Philosophers stone. But, now the main plot of the story revolves round the fact that no one has until now been able to succesfully create the stone, and all those who have embarked upon this unfateful journey have lost their lives. Thus, faced with this daunting challenge, the brothers begin their search for the stone. The brothers are alchemists, they have the power to divide any compound into atoms and to reassemble it. In other words, they can convert one article into an another. However, law of conservation must be followed, to gain something you need to put something of equivalent value. The story starts off with the brothers losing their mother, and completely in sync with ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’, the brothers attempt human transmutation to revive their mother, which ends up with Al losing his body, while Ed loses his limbs. Now, Ed binds his brothers’ soul to an armor and now they need the Philosophers’ Stone to regain their bodies.

Now the plot thickens, with the introduction of Scar, whose goal is to kill everyone who has ever performed alchemy for the wrong reasons, the Homonculus, who aren’t human and are created when someone fails in a human transmutation, in all seven Homonculi are created, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Pride, Lust, Gluttony and Wrath, there is a person that controls all these Homunculi, the master of the brothers, Sensei and the father of El and Al, who leaves them when they are young.. all these make the story really really interesting and worth giving a shot at. Its really good and I would really recommend that you watch it.. if you dont have anything imp. to do like me
So, its 5:30 in the morning and I dont feel like sleeping.. I really miss all those sleeps, just listening to Michael Learns to Rock and its kinda nice to listen to. Dont know, but I’ll really miss lots of things when I leave IIIT. Am already beginning to feel really really nostalgic abt lots of things. Dont know.. 4 complete years indeed is a really long time and I’ve gotten used to this place and it would really really be wierd when I leave this place.. I just wish.. I really do.

So, sometime I guess I’ll write the list of all the things that I would miss. I dont know, but my blog seems to get more and more personal day by day.. hmm. I guess that ok :)..

A graduation ceremony is an event where
the commencement speaker tells thousands
of students dressed in identical caps and
gowns that ‘individuality’ is the key to success.


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