Lazy me went trekking..

I dont know if this would qualify as trekking.. actually there is some place near IIIT, closer to the helipads, which ppl fondly call santro, look at the pics, you’ll see the reason why !!


So, that was fun and I kinda realised that I was a bit phobic abt heights or was it only yest? no idea.. Actually am really really comfortable with heights, I can still rmr gayathri me and praveen going in a giant wheel long back.. aahh those were such sweettt memories, I really really miss my school.. that would be the place I would go if given a chance anytime 🙂

And holi? I slept till 5 in the evening.. friends tried waking me up like crazy.. we had plans of going to some holiday resort and all, yeah they had tons of fun. But come on, nothing is better than a good sleep.. i just cant feel more happy abt the fact that I slept for almost 14 hrs. It was like woww when I woke up.. and have plans for tomm. So, looking forward to that and might go the canteen, meet friends and just sleep again.

I am almost close to finishing the Full Metal Alchemist.. might start HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy.. thats like one buk I’ve wanted to read for a long time. Maybe I shud divide all this into categories like Movies, Novels and so on.. so that it would be easy much much later.. yeah guess so. But I write so much on so many tiopics.. dont know how much that would be feasible..

anyways, right now am looking at spoo’s ppt on cost accounting.. and I just downloaded a video frm MIT.. so guess will say bye 😀

thats ok … am getting messages …. not replying

Seriously.. NO COMMENTS


2 Responses

  1. exactly…nothing beats a gud sleep …esp if it lasts for more than 12hrs 😀
    we rock 😉

  2. 15 hrs sleep.. and so its like kewwll !!

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