I drew something…

@ 2:30 AM, Decided that I’ll sleep early no matter what.. Start off with MLTR and then shift to Linkin Park in the middle, still no sleep and after an hr of rolling in the bed. I thought about lots of things. One hr on the bed thinking is a really long time and just give it a shot once in a while. It makes you feel really really good 🙂

@ 3:30 AM, Just feel like drawing something.. dont know, probably inspired by booty and shiben, will give it a shot. Now the main Q, what should I draw? Scooby? Sponge Bob? Hmmm.. I’ll draw a cartoon character mostly.. Now what should I use.. gimp? mspaint? fireworks? will give gimp a shot. Actually planned to write on Issac Asimov or on HitchHikers Guide, guess that’ll have to wait. For now, will draw something..

@3:35 AM, Decided what I’ll draw and now I start the work.. Hmm.. We’ll see.

@5:00 AM… Waaahh Wahhhh… 😦 Finished drawing fido dido and then something happened with gimp.. it gave a prob and I lost my pic.. not fair. hmm.. will give an another shot tomm. Looks like fun



Hehe.. ppl call me 7up here.. oh that was coz in my first years.. used to wear a short, and seems so that I looked just like fido dido 😀 .. now I’ve fattened up a lot.. and so no worries..

anyways, my first effort at painting something using gimp.. not bad right. Dint take much time actually.. anyways time for icecreams !!


4 Responses

  1. Heheee.. Dont know why comments got disabled for this post 😛

  2. hey when will u upload the pic 😕

  3. I’ve done that .. check it out !!

  4. nice pic dude 🙂

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