Buggin you.. Just love that


Went to sesh’s place for food.. had tons and tons of prawn and mutton. Lots of memories of that place..  went there only once, but that kinda changed lots of things.. my prev. visit to that place marked the start to one phase of my life that I’ll never forget.. interesting, but still.. now coming bak to this pic.. Looks like I’ve fattened up a lot.. can see that clearly kadaa.. yeah I know and I thought that the pics wudnt come properly.. light and all.. they came pretty good !!

So, woke up really late today and here I am off to ice n spice.. for lots n lots of food again 🙂

I just love bugging people.. dont know why :D. But, I should take a moment to thank my friends for the infinte patience that they have. I just love this flash document, and it always reminds me of lots of good things and brings a smile to my lips whenever I think about it, this and pretty boy are the best forwards that I’ve ever got, and I should thank someone special for both of them.

Dont know how to upload a flash doc. in wordpress. We’ll see.

1) Trying to insert it as an image.


Doesnt seem to have worked, we’ll see. else I guess will have to write the html code.

2) Trying to insert flash through html.. some googling.

object width=”550″ height=”400″
param name=”movie” value=”somefilename.swf” embed
xsrc=”somefilename.swf” mce_src=”somefilename.swf”
width=”550″ height=”400″

Dint work !! had to remove the html tags to show them to u

3) Search on wordpress forums !!

Here, I find the solution.. maybe I should start thinking about having my own local hosting, hmm.. that would need some coding and as u can see I am really really lazzyy and u cant expect me to do all that.

The solution is that you cant upload flash on wordpress, you can link them and that too from some sites like video.google. com and some tube site.. dont rmr. thats all

Sleeping a lot nowadays.. will continue with the same.

2 Responses

  1. hey I dint know you blog too. saw it in ur orkut profile

  2. yep.. bloggin. since a long time.

    Made it public just recently, thats all 🙂

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