Despo for icecreams…

I was like really really despo for icecreams.. craving for them in the evening. You must have seen me eat today, I am like so full right now, that I almost have the feeling of being on a high.. 😕 actually true indeed, food gets me on a high. I am beginning to define what gluttony is all abt. Cheddi, me and dumbu went to ice n spice, and then joined raki, nammu, harsh and navatha, bevars at Gufaa, Ohris. Wait wait.. I’ve the list of things that I ate, or atleast tasted.. One two three.. here I go.. hmm.. arnd 3 plates of kababs, 2 plates of tangdi kababs @ kababs, 2 sundaes @ ice n spice, a sweet paan@ some place near ice n spice.. and then a chicken biryani, some naan with some curry made of sweett corn, juss loved it !!, a mocktail (some combo of pineapple, orange and cola) @ Gufaa.. and then a buttermilk, pineapple pastry @ Coffee shop. Now not even an inch left in my stomach to fill

Now, there is a tarot card reader near Gufaa, went there for my fortune, was bored waiting.. Ohrees’ was kinda full and so just went there to have fun. He told me just one thing and I started thinking about it and missed out the rest of the fortune that he was blabbering about.. Felt really happy that I did lots of good things today… trust me I did lots.. yeah saaketh, dont comment that I dint get u pizza X-(.. sure we’ll go stime.. sare na? And dont know my orkut fortune says that I’ll take a hasty decision Dont know what else is left to decide. Its like my luck is almost deciding everything, not leaving anything for me to chose frm. (edit)I dint realise when I was writing this, that I wrote something this true in every sense (/edit) 😐

So .. all in all .. a nice day, nice sleep and now I’ve started to think about my fyp and also my MS work and how that would be.. thanks to a discussion with vardman and booty, who were a tee bit worried abt thesis.. got me thinking to. I’ll rock there leyy.. hopefully.

Now hitting the sack.. and am gonna hit it really hard !!


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