anni blogs oke la undav :D

I am kinda really really busy nowadays.. farewell time, so kinda going out as much as I can, spending as much time as I can with friends, playing cards, just talking a lot at the canteen and on yahoo, so its like I’m going to miss lots of things in a month or so. Glad that I dont have much time to even think about all that.. told u rt nenu chala chala busy nowadays. hmm.. so i will miss those wonderful walks.. thats the first thing that always comes to my mind.. walkie walkie ani nenu anadamm.. anyways I am glad that I’m so busy that I dont really have much time to feel nostalgic abt lots of things.. so whats for dinner, pizzas and icecreams.. yummyy and I’m really really hungrryyy 🙂 so.. gg time.

I am happy that finally I’m what I’m supposed to be, i dont want to say it and jinx it.. but still I’m happy for u ra. always.. love u … miss u 😡


2 Responses

  1. jinx cud even be coz of ppl like me whom u keep dumping (on purpose r not is diff) ….& yest u promised me atleast 1day in advance notice [-(

  2. Hehe.. and hey that wasnt ur treat.. just an offer for a pizza thats all.. and anni sarlu ur highness ki oka roju advance notice ivvadaaaniki kudaradduu [-(

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