Testimonials – I

Some of the testimonials that my friends wrote for me in the year book.. thats a place where we all write testimonials.. Will post my comments on these some time later


Its a brainy kid, be careful. He gets on nerves easily. He is a tough one to handle, you better listen to him ;). In all these years I have known him, he never attended any classes and even if he did, he probably slept. There would be countable number of classes which he remembers to have actually listened to …. and those would be the ones he has either raised a question in the class or answered the prof.

My first impression on him was of an arrogant classmate who thinks he knows everything. Later, we became good friends. The only difference is it hasnt changed yet πŸ˜› … God knows how the US kids are going to treat you … god only save them πŸ˜‰ but one thing is he sure is a person with brains, really fast in grasping things… so fast that the few times he asks a person any doubts, he never lets that person complete his explaination.

Thanks for being such a helpful project-partner, such a gr8 friend …… Good luck for your future !!

fido-dido….takkuva tinara sachinoda.

This guy really looked and acted like fido-dido. Awesome guy with some amazing talent for eating up anything and everything. cya in US buddy


Can I write my own comments?

Hmmm.. interesting. I just wish I cud fatten up a bit.. if it hadnt been for all the disti frm you ppl.. I wud sure have [-(

I think it's really admirable that you had the courage to say no after you started off on your honours project and the wisdom to know that it had the potential to trouble you :). All the best in the US.


y re wats the need of making fun of me publically 😦 ….. publically to maat le yaar


now about the comment….. well dont think we have talked a lot but … those exchanges of hi n heys and a joke in between thr has been a kindda bond of our friendship,
really kool person even better when drunk πŸ™‚

dude keep in touch after college



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