Testimonials – II

Sumanth is seriously a cooool person! he is always in a mood of fun, just like me :D. And of course as u said m gonna love 2 hav a drag race 2 beat u 2 get my hands on a Playstation4/Xbox720/Cube2/eh… I m trying 2 write future versions 😐


The 7up(fiddo-diddo) some call him or Satan by some and Summu or sumant whatever be it all are Mathbonds. Its a huge story with u dood!! i cant picture a beginning and truly not an ending. But i do rmbr in the first sem when this tall lean(then) guy came to the wing and i, keerthi and rahul i guess were sitting in a room discussing something came along. The moment i saw i pictured a geek and never even dreamt what i understand u as of now. He truly helped us ou with our MathsI and many other subjects, he used to be so good that we all used to curse him for his speed. Visualisin those curves was a nightmare and he did it with ease. A is observed over centuries Math Bonds are Pholosophers but philosophy? :)) ) My Best project mate, when we sit together and code its like a marathon of optimization with lots of bugs. But finally we made it, got a Good from PJN and still left with a project yet to complete. As others pointed out he is really a Healthy eater and there are occassions wher he had bets and also puked in one occassion. What wonders me is how he goes for movies right b4 the day of the exa and keeps his cool most of the times. He is a good gamer and plays almost all the games every gamer of IIIT plays. People dont seem to notice that he is a good planner and plans lots of things very well and sticks to the schedule strictly. His GRE score pretty much indicates that. He is dedicated when he wants to be and jovial other times. What i like the most in him is he never mixes up academics and funlife. As Prof Kaul already pointed out his GPA does not reflect his true talents (most of the cases in IIIT), i am sure if he wanted and planned for a GPA of 9 he would have easily made it. It was gr8 fun working with u and spending time with u, i cannot think of u not being there whatever Optimism. I can go on writing abt u man!! . I am sur u will do ur MS wonderfully well and even go for a PHD and hoping u wud pull me to the same Univ when i apply :)) Thx for being there all the time and agai  You simply Rock!!

The Girls man!! but wont tell u who is he going out with..u can just guess ( is it sumanth who is sitting under that tree or lover's spot)… he wont play age because he has given time to sb else.. but as soon as he gets time..he wont miss is either.. he love the word SEVEN ..I dont know y… but overall one of the most carefree persons..helping nature wid lots of fun in life..all the very best in life dude!!

Have u read the 80-20 principle. This fellow is a perfect example of that. He'll have fun all the time n amazingly ull find out that he's done with all the project work as well. U can take this frm me who has done 3 projects with him.

My 2nd year "Donga/Chor" lan mate, we had lot of fun putting that lan wire, removing it for the fear of BLN catching us. With no1 in NBH arnd in 2nd year we just had both of us for company to sit n talk abt
our lives wen we finally got bored of using d lan.It was during this period wen every1 in our batch had a sharp rise in their CGPA, it was me, pachu n summu who on the other hand had a fall, call it the lan effect.

Its 4th year n he is my wingmate now. If u feel bored just go n stand outside his room. There will always be some funn telugu song which will be playing always. Dude, with u arnd Btech was fun.


INTELLIGENT and gamer…i was surprized to see him in first year when everybody used to b busy in preparing 4 exams and he played games in the lab…he was so cool even in first year when most of them worried abt their grades…finally h  got a job of his choice..nice man..all the BEST..


Dont remember how and when we became good friends. This last year that we have been in the same wing and had to do the same things (gre apps etc), it was pretty cool. The only guy in the wing whose sleep schedule is more screwed up then mine :D.

Spends a lot of time on the comp
watches series, movies and more series
or else plays games, age and more age
or keeps on browsing page after page

rarely seen in the mess
though eats a lot, i know
leads a cool carefree life
and in maths, he is just wow


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