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Batch Trip

This is one post that I've been postponing for a really long time. This and the farewell. I just amnt able to find time, with all the parties, card games and friends, farewells that we have been having of late. So, about the batch trip, katarya wrote a really awesome version of the story with pics, which would give a general view of how the trip was. However, mine would be much much more personal and would present a picture of how I felt abt the trip. I just want to do this in chronological order, dont know probably so that I wudnt miss anything. But I dont know if the time mentioned is perfect. Anyways, doesnt matter right 😀 .. i dont rmr the date and amnt in a mood to check when the date is..  some 4-5 days before

 8:00 PM :  Am all excited about the trip. Dont know why, but I somehow really wanted everyone to come and was a bit surprised when I learnt that …. but nevertheless was really glad as I would mention later. Cheddi ass dint come, cudnt force him, actually dint even try. If it had been like 2 years before, I know for sure that cheddi would have been with me on the trip.. how much people change in 2 years.. hmm. Maybe, someday I'll write a blog post on that.

11:00 PM : After a kewwll bath, packing of clothes and

Hmm.. bored now. Will finish later 🙂 


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