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Testimonials – III

nayaktarun wrote…
A hard working intelligent and fun loving cool guy and a gr8 player of Age. Hardly kwn him much.
all the best n b in touch

prashant_j wrote…
have known him since 1st yr when we were above gh. then in 2nd yr we screwed our acads due to iLAN. and now we are wingmates. he sleeps a LOT, and watches a lot of stupid japanese cartoons, but still manages to complete all his project work… this is wat i admire abt him.. have a lotta fun, but still manage to satisfy academics requirements.
Idiot, when do u wanna go jogging next? u aren't gonna get fit if u don't come more often :p

srivastava wrote…
nice guy…lives in a world of his own….

rishabh wrote…
A wingmate for a year.. Came to kno about him only in d final year.. Didnt had much of a contact in first three years..
Cool guy.. njoys the life.. N he is really famous among gals in all d junior batches.. I have seen this guy with atleast one gal from all the batches .. N ya he likes Maggi a lot… He loves playing cards ( 5 card game)…
Best of luck man for ur future

rumeet wrote…
Cool and intelligent. Remember him staying ahead of the whole batch in programming and data structures.

Best of Luck for future and hope you stay in touch

ayan_kumar wrote…
a mathematician..dude u shud hv ben at ISI(statistical insitute inacse u thit otherwise)..has this coolness abt him n seldon gets ruffled…best of luck dude!

venkat_kumar wrote…
The only person who can bring my temper out.

Even then i would love to freak out with him. Helped me a lot with my acads. Together we watched a lot of movies. Even exams couldn't stop us.

Left me alone for some days for ….. . Glad you didnot forget me.

Anyway All the best with your future Pursuits. Hope to see you in US.

akansh wrote…
He's a guy made up of a 'cool' and 'composed' nature along with that gifted brain that he's got. Heard of those fodu and cool guys. He's jes one of them. He's fun to be with and has a great way to keep himself. Good luck with your goals in life. U surely shall achieve a lot of things considering the skills that u have and ur great attitude to work for the results. And do haffun in life because that is what makes u different from many other bond bond ppl around

aswin wrote…
My first reaction to him was anger as he was calling me with my nicks in games. I really used to hate that. But slowly that reaction changed to a really cool childish friend.

One of the most, one the spot guys with most decisions made on the spur of the moment without much planning. I doubt wether any of his original plans stick till the last minute except for his career plans. Gets involved in anything that might include some fun.

Had loads of fun over the last year with U. Really knows how to have fun. The small idiotic discussions and meaningless fights. All the childish things that U do and our philosophical discussions regarding the matter. And yeah all the eating.

Be chatting with friends and u will find him roaming frm room to room at 3 am, just awake, asking for some food ;). A real hungry1. For the food he eats he should definitley be fatter than me. One of the few guys who enjoys food as much as me.

One of the few guys who actually have a chance of breaking my patience and get hit by me ;).

In the 4 yrs he has been here it seems that he had more dates than the actual number of days itself. There are actually ppl outside the college who know him as the casanova of IIIT.

Hmmm if this comment doesnt please him there will be some fireworks in his comments for me.

sumanth wrote…
Once in a while it doesnt hurt to brag abt yourself.

Know me know fun, no me no fun

himanshu_arora wrote…
My neighbour in first year. Your problem solving skills in mathematics are awesome. I really enjoyed solving problems with you during first semester. Best of luck for your future. Stay in touch.

rastogi wrote…
It was fun being maths 1 tutor with you dude. If it weren't for you, I would never have had the courage to go to class an solve all those problems. gl and hf 🙂 Stay in touch.

vivek_kt wrote…
Wingie…first room, so I drop by his room every now and then to find him watching some DragonBallz like series or chatting with his "girlfriends" or preparing maggie for the dinner. He is quite a friendly wing-mate, its fun hanging out with him in dilip's room or having age discussions anywhere in our wing. Gave me quite some important tips regarding the game, thanks for them 🙂 Had very nice last year of BTech with u dude Best of luck for your future.

pooja wrote…
Havent known you much, yeah but have seen you jumping around and having a gala time always 😀 .. Have loads of fun, best of luck for the beautiful life ahead… 🙂

rakeshplal wrote…

7uP aka S4T4N aka Summu

One among a very few BEST FRIENDS of mine ..(will be in the top places as always … )

The best support i ever got from neone would be from this guy …

" i cannot frgt the conversation we had on phone (last summer ) "
if u hadnt called me that day , i might have screwed up my life not knowing what to do … ( that was when the person i trusted the most ditched me ) … lv u lots maama .. 🙂

no one knows me better than this guy …

he has always been a moral booster to me 🙂
U r just Wonderful …
be what u are .. jst be little more careful … 🙂
take care of urself …

ashish_lohia wrote…
The first thing i heard abt this person was "he is excellent in mathematics" and he actually was used to get cent percent marks ..wow !!! All the best with your applications. See you in US 🙂

sudhanshu wrote…
Satan – one of the great agers of ug2k2. If you ever need something to eat – just go over to his room, and u'll never be disappointed. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he'll surely convince you to go along with him. A great guy – cya later !

pavan_sv wrote…
Summu aka SaTaN. He plans things very nice and make use of avilable resources very efficient manner. He do what ever he want immidiately. His mind changes very frequently. His password to his room pc is the good example for this. Amazing thing is that he goes often movies and even just before the day of exams, plays games like hell … still maintain his GPA up to the level. Likes to enjoy the life up to the extent. He dominates anyone easily, thatz his style. His sight of life is very different to anybody of us. Hard working. Sometimes exhibits his chaildish behaviour, but he rulez the forumula "Always be happy". Very good friend of mine, be happy always as usually. Mama, I never forget the days spent with u.


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