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GRE – Gradual Reduction of Enthu :D

I just thought I would write a blog on how tackle gre and the lots of things that come associated with that. πŸ™‚

Warning : If you are someone who has limited patience, I would suggest that you seriously stop thinking about gre and spend that money giving me a treat !!

I strongly believe in the concept of ‘Divide & Conquer’, doing one thing at a time and not bothering much about the rest of the stuff that is supposed to be done.

1) GRE Preparation :

Ideally write it in your 2nd year holidays so that you’ll have time to write it again in case you screw it up. If you have been lazy like me, then the best time would be the 3rd year holidays sometime in mid-june, with a 2-3 month coaching at some institute prior to that. Education somehow seems to shunt ur imagination and creativity. So, I wouldnt suggest that you listen to every class over there. Have fun those 2-3 months of gre prep and also concentrate once in a while on gre. I did this at bang, needed some respite from the bugging heat and my friends, ok.. kidddingg. Maths and Analytical writing classes are pretty drab, really really boring. I bunked most of them, ofcourse depends on you. Dont miss the verbal classes, they are good especially when you want to have to rmr 3500 or so words.

Self-Preparation is the best prep. So, what I would suggest is start sometime in March, a couple of months before your actual gre prep and just go through words, just like that. Have fun writing mails with those really really tough words, completely confusing your friends with the inappropriate usage of words. You tend to rmr those words that you put into usage always. http://www.number2.com is a really really good site for starters. A 100 words a day in the vocab builder, slowly increasing it to 200-300 would be really helpful. There the toughness of the words that you get increases with every right answer you make.

I would suggest not going through any other book other than Barrons. Barrons is the bible of gre. Read barrons, anyway you want. I went wordlist wise starting off with the letters I liked, totally random. I would suggest that all of you finish A P S R T first. Those are the key word-lists with lots n lots of words in them. Also, pay attention to the secondary and the tertiary meanings of words. They are important. One good way of rmring the meaning would be to just read the example sentence also that Barrons’ has for each word.

Novels and Newspapers
Read lots and lots of them. Not that they are useful for gre, but they are always good. I ended up finishing 15 novels last summer. Your english doesnt improve in a couple of weeks reading some good novels. You should have been doing it since ages. Better late than never, start it now, gre or no gre.

Princeton Review Tests
Some people believe that writing lots of tests helps. I dont really think it helps… Write tests once every month starting of with one before the classes start. That should help you assess where you are. And dont really take the marks that you get in these exams seriously. They are the closest thing to gre but still they arent that close enough. I mean the way you write an exam in ur room is no way similar to what you do there. Some people do really do better when they are all tensed and worked up !!

2) GRE Examination

Feeling lazzyyy noww πŸ˜€ .. Will finish latteerr !!


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