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The Solomon Key.

Now, if you have recognised who this is … Ofcourse, it is Dan Brown 😀

So, after the stupendous success of Da Vinci Code, his next books' working title is 'The Solomon Key' and from what I've heard it deals with the Free Masons and their American connections. I've heard somewhere that it has details regarding the presidents who were members of this secret community, plots related to the same, with pictorial evidences also. Sounds like lotsa fun. Probably this is one book that is eagerly awaited other than the Harry Potter – VII novel. I am actually looking forward at both of them. I juss loved them both. Read them if you havent. Just check out wikipedia for more details about these. I've been doing lotsa wikipedia reading off late.

So, thats all for today. Whats happening with me ante. Just doing nothing.. taking a break. Yeah kinda. Booked an apartment in California, waiting for my i20s, for my hard-earned 25,000 bucks, for my bday and ofcourse bumps (scary thought), have to book for flight tickets, pack up everything at IIIT and then, just missing lotsa things. Want to go home and spend the whole summer there. Hope I can get an internet connection back home.

So, time to hit the sacks. If you have too much free time, do some reading about a society called "Skulls and Bones", it is a very controversial one and is most likely to be in the main plotline of 'Ths Solomon Key'


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