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Random Recrudescent Ruminations

Well I know this is such a queer title. Something sparked it in me and I dont know why but, I can somehow see these last 4 years of my life in fast forward. Am I judging myself too much or is this the way it is supposed to be? Mixed reactions. So, I finished one chore for the day :D, I got an hair cut and somehow feel really good about it. Ofcourse it is a part of me moving on thing, I hadnt had a hair cut for a really long time, the last time being sometime in december. I've fixed my bday plans, hope things go as planned.

So, plans for tomm. Start off with the meeting with Anoop, get the no-due signed and then, library no-due also. Then, will go book the i-20 thing at HDFC, have a nice lunch, buy some clothes, specs, and then back to IIIT. So, thats the plan as of now. Let us see how that goes ..

I somehow seem to be holding back when I am writing this, but I really really would miss IIIT a lot. Somehow makes me feel that I shud probably not go, well as I has said earlier (to sanki n sundar I guess), there would have been only one thing that would have stopped me from going back, now I am too determined to even think about taking a step back. Ok, I guess enough self-dabba.

Random Recrudescent Ruminations !!


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