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Contingency Plans..

I dont know.. But somehow this word seems to ring in my head tons and tons. I've like used this word, everytime I've been ditched. Every single time. I hate things not going the way I want them to.. I dont know why .. I hate taking a NO for a answer. And so I've kinda decided that I'll have a Plan B always.. always. We'll see how that goes. That means I need to think properly, spend some quality time with friends and get out of my room as soon as possible. The more I am glued to this stupid comp (Sorry da, but I just cant help it.. I juss love u a lot, but I cant/dont want to spend the whole time in front of you.. Oh, I was talking to my comp πŸ˜€ ) .. Haaan so what was I rambling.. yeah something abt plans this that.. as usual !!

 Things I've finished doing … Got clothes, got my no-dues, started PJN project, will finish I-20s work tomm., what else is left? Haan I need to clean my room. Shudnt take much time. I guess I'll do that the day after.. Amnt sure.. we'll see. I guess I'll sleep early today.

Hey yeah forgot, went to ravishankar's house, had a really good meal and then am back to IIIT πŸ˜‰ after a jounrey of 2 hrs each for n to. sare.. nenu sleeping.. tats 


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