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Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.

They always say that shopping is far far better than a psychiatrist. True indeed. I am just back from a shopping spree, actually u cant call that a spree, more cause, I cudnt even buy half of all the things I wanted to. So, I just bought clothes. I still have to buy specs and theres lots of other stuff also to be handled.

I dont know why, but I am feeling a bit tensed and worked up. Dont seem to understand why. But, I am just thinking about so many things, that I sometimes do really really feel I need a punch-bug, someone with whom I can really really share all these things going through my head. I miss you ra. Yah I can always write them in my diary, but I somehow am too lazy to write anything there. I somehow seemed to rmr my precious little diary, the first words of which are the eternal 'I dont know what to write !!'. Only 3 people have so far written in that diary. One being me, who wrote almost all the crap except the very first lines in my book, (Ofcourse, it was 'I dont know what to write !!'), which are indeed words I'll never forget. The last being Aushutosh Rana. Now I can totally understand why you are so surprised. Does that name ring in ur head? Hes the same Raaz, Bangaram guy. He was here for shooting for a movie, me n cheddi thought that Reema Sen was here and so went there to have a glimpse of her, probably have a talk or two with her :D. To our disappointment all that we could find was him and I got his autograph in my diary. Oh, I just saw Bangaram today and so kinda got reminded of that.

And so whats left for me to write.. hmm. Days, Time are ticking and I dont seem to have much time left before I leave IIIT. If I have to do something, I have to do it now. But, I dont really see any point in all that. I really wish something could/would/will/shall happen. BUT, I dont seriously see anything in the near or the distant future. So, should I let go? Give up? I dont know.. Actually I dont really care. I am just going to live my life to the fullest and see to it that I have a fun filled second, minute, hour, day, year ahead.. Okay, time to hit the sack.. yeah its almost 6 in the morning !!


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