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These 3 letters seemed to have played a really significant role my whole life. Think .. Think .. Think.. that being the operative word. As Maverick puts it in Top Gun, if you think, you are dead. U really dont have time to think in a fighter plane.. Most of the biggest decisions of my life have been on the spur of the moment. I really havent found anyone as instinctive as me, I really havent. Am I making a mistake being so instinctive in all the big big decisions that I take. This stubbornness of mine has indeeed cost me lots of things. But I somehow seem to be more comfortable with this than without. I dont know.. so am at home, a nice broadband.. wasting time daily with nothing to look forward for. I dont know.. life seems so still nowadays.. I somehow seem to miss that spice.. jalak in life which I had in iiit atleast for my 1st 7 sems. Omg.  not an another retrospection… had enough of that already !!

 chalo before I dvelve into the realm of the 'Unfinished Blog of my 8th sem' .. let me say Adios.


3 Responses

  1. Does this mean, then, that you pilot fighter planes? If so, please do me this favor: Let Tom Cruise know that he’s freaking everybody out, these days…

  2. Endi raa.
    Free time perigindi kaani blog writings tagginayyi???

  3. Emo.. I dont seem to find anything interesting to write abt šŸ˜€

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