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[Status: On yet an another quest for unconditional love] All these quests seem to end with me realising that nothing comes unconditional, nothing is to be given/taken free. Everything comes with tags attached to it. Tag which do look great in the beginning, slowly showing what they really are and what they really can do. For, to gain something, you do indeed have to lose something of equivalent value. Every single thing we do, every single word we say, every single thing.. makes lots and lots of difference to the people around us. And thats kinda making me really really conscious about it all. Nirvana? Hehhe.. or as Ross puts in ‘Unagi’ 😀 Well, so now I’ve a choice and thats what is probably disturbing me so much. Choices are very very bad. Sometimes I do wish that I dont have the freedom to make the choice and that someone else decides everything for me. But I guess its time I took the right choice and went ahead in life. No point crying over spilt milk right.

Okay, so do I want to look at what the future has in store for me? If I had a looking glass into the future, would I be curious enough to take a peek? Would I dare?

Well, I dont really want to know my future. It would be really too boring to everything beforehand, the element of surprise and the grin-factor is all gone. I grin a lot, when I am really happy and those are the moments that help me survive everything else. Survive? Hmm.. thats a really strong word. I amnt in duress [not the right word, I meant stress/strain/pain.. blah blah] right now, but still I dont know I am kinda feeling wierd, really really wierd. I just want to stay back in iiit. I just am so used to the life here that I probably wouldnt want to leave this for anything in the world. Probably time heals.

Hmm.. I probably must start blogging often. Probably I would do that once I am at UCSC. I dont know, lotsa things thrru my head. This probably is what has been running thru my head this whole summer. I dont know !!

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